Vilair Fonvil was discovered responsible of all fees in Rockland County Courtroom Friday. His co-defendant, Jermika Depas, was discovered not-responsible of all expenses.
Seth Harrison/Lohud

NEW CITY – Spring Valley Trustee Vilair Fonvil was discovered responsible at this time of corruption-associated fees accusing him of stealing cash from a summer time camp program.

Co-defendant Jermika Depas, the camp program’s coordinator, was acquitted of all fees.

Rockland County Courtroom Decide Kevin Russo discovered Fonvil had stolen $eleven,000 in village funding for the 2016 summer time camp program.

Fonvil confirmed no emotion as Russo pronounced the decision, wanting straight forward as his sat together with his arms clasped.

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The judge reminded Fonvil that he needed to show up for his sentencing and asked for his address. Fonvil, whose residency was questioned during the trial, gave Russo a Prospect Street address in Spring Valley.

Depas let out a deep breath after she heard Russo’s verdict.

The guilty verdict ends Fonvil’s political career, because a convicted felon cannot serve in an elected government position. He faces five to 15 years in prison when sentenced Feb. 20. Fonvil, 54, who had been a trustee since December 2013, remains free in the meantime.

Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme, whose term ends in December, could move to fill Fonvil’s seat on the all-Democratic village board. If not, the mayor-elect, Alan Simon, would fill the position.

Fonvil’s lawyer, Kevin Dunlop, said they were surprised by the verdict and expected to file an appeal.

Fonvil vowed to be vindicated and described the legal battle as a fight he believed he would win. He said he was happy Depas had been acquitted.

The charges against Fonvil included third-degree grand larceny as a crime of public corruption, third-degree corrupting the government, and money laundering. Fonvil also was convicted of receiving reward for official misconduct as a public official.