• Lawmakers, officials fight parole for Judith Clark

    Lawmakers, officers battle parole for Judith Clark

  • Video: Brinks evidence at Rockland Sheriff's Dept

    Video: Brinks proof at Rockland Sheriff’s Dept

  • Video: Officials speak out over sentence commutation of Brinks robbery's Judith Clark

    Video: Officers converse out over sentence commutation of Brinks theft’s Judith Clark

  • Video: Rockland Brinks Robbery 35th anniversary

    Video: Rockland Brinks Theft thirty fifth anniversary

  • Brinks Memorial Service

    Brinks Memorial Service

There is not a day that goes by that Arthur Keenan does not take into consideration that autumn afternoon 35 years in the past when six self-proclaimed revolutionaries jumped out of a U-Haul with their M16s blazing, wounding him and killing two fellow Nyack cops.

Keenan wasn’t critically injured in the course of the notorious Brinks killings on Oct. 20, 1981. However the emotional wounds are deep.

Reminiscences of that fateful day have been even extra vivid since late final month when Gov. Andrew Cuomo granted Judith…