Greater than three weeks after the physique of a Bonita Springs lady was present in her house, the Lee County Sheriff’s Workplace continues to research the dying as a murder, however no arrests have been made. 

The physique of Sarah Marie Nicholson, 34, was present in a home within the 26000 block of Squire Lane after authorities responded to a report of a fireplace there shortly earlier than 6 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 29.

As of Tuesday, the investigation into the killing was open and lively, stated Sheriff’s Workplace spokeswoman Tiffany Wooden. No arrests had been, she stated. 

Though he stated he couldn’t speak concerning the investigation into his daughter’s dying, David Nicholson stated authorities have been making progress.

“They assume they’re shut,” he stated throughout a telephone interview Monday.

An obituary published online in The Southwest Times Record in Fort Smith, Arkansas, states that she “was the victim of a homicide after surprising thieves in her home during a house robbery.”

According to the obit, Nicholson was born in Fort Smith and moved to Bonita Springs three years ago, where she established a candle and soap business.

She “earned a broadcast journalism degree from The University of Arkansas, a master’s degree in literature, and a doctorate of education leadership at the University of Edenborough,” the obit states.

“She was a pioneer, a business owner,” her father said during a previous phone interview. “She had her own successful business.”

His daughter was also a certified storm chaser who worked with The Weather Channel during Hurricane Irma, Nicholson said last month.

Although her own home sustained damage from the storm, Sarah Nicholson helped others, including a couple trapped in their collapsed home, he said.

“She was out helping old people out,” he said. “That’s the kind of person she was.”

Sarah Nicholson was well-known, well-liked and respected in her hometown and had a reputation as an animal lover, he said.

“She spent her own money to help rescue those pets that were displaced by the hurricane,” David Nicholson said.

She was passionate about cars, too, her mother, Debra Leftwich-Nicholson, said.

“She was into racing,” she said. “She could build a car from the ground up.”

Now a crime victim, Sarah Nicholson a few months ago found herself on the other side of the law, but her parents say it’s not what it seemed. 

Court records show Sarah Nicholson was arrested by Lee County Sheriff’s Office deputies in July and faced charges that included possessing a controlled substance and burglary of a structure at a trailer park in south Fort Myers. 

David Nicholson said prosecutors were dropping all charges and expunging them.

“That incident was totally bogus and set up,” he said. “It wasn’t false arrest, but she was set up by some evil people.”

The July case was closed out because of Sarah Nicholson’s death, said Samantha Syoen, a spokeswoman for the State Attorney’s Office, in…