Divorces for Sunday, July 30, 2017

Divorces granted in La Crosse County:

Julie Schippers, Holmen, and Patrick Schippers, Onalaska

Trina Hendrickson from Chad Hendrickson, each of La Crosse

Jennifer Palamore from Christopher Palamore, each of La Crosse

Michael Phillips from Nancy Phillips, each of La Crosse

Jenna Morgan, Onalaska, from Kyle Morgan, Osseo

Jamie Schaller from David Schaller, each of La Crosse

Krista Stark, La Crosse, from Shawn Stark, Holmen

Jeremy Hill, La Crosse, from Samuel Hill, Tomah

Neil Bolstad from Misha Bolstad, each of La Crosse

Alyssa Sliwinski, Kenosha, from Brian Sliwinski, Backyard Grove, Calif.

Richard Schneider from Casey Schneider, each of La Crosse

Tang Her (redacted) from Vang Thor, Holmen

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